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General Fencing: Fencing Styles & Terms - Weapons
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Foil is the weapon that beginning fencers traditionally begin their training with. It's characterized by its square blade, small bell (not the musical kind!), and light weight. Foil is a thrust weapon.


Epee (pronounced EPP-ay) is the second grade of weapon that fencers move on to. It's slightly heavier than the foil with a large bell that covers the hand (the hand is a target in epee fencing), and triangular shaped blade. Epee is a thrust weapon.


Sabre (SAY-ber) is the third and final fencing weapon. The handle is characterized by a straight piece that the fencer grips with a curved bit on the side that protects the hand from the side, rather than the top. It was originally-intended for cavalry riders and is a cut-and-thrust weapon.
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