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11 October 2001

Had my first free fence with the advanced fencers! Coach Fronabarger forgot the foils so we were fencing foil with epees! Try to imagine that...yeah. I was doing pretty good for my first time since really learning to fence (that wasn't my first time fencing) but I still have a long way to go. We ordered and paid for our gear last night so I'm hoping the stuff comes over Fall Break (next Monday and Tuesday) and is here by our next meeting, which is next Thursday!! I can't wait to have my own foil and mask and stuff! Oooooooooooh it is just so exciting! It was like when I got my first pair of softshoes in Irish dance class except this is a wee bit more expensive! hehehe I'm very sore from fencing too. I was so tired this morning that I kept making my alarm set for later and later until I had to get up or be really late for History class! I love the fact that on Fridays my classes don't start until 11 in the morning!! That is just the BEST! I think I will sleep till after Noon tomorrow. Well maybe not I want to get something to eat in the morning and the cafeteria closes at 10am. What crap is that! I mean hardly anyone gets up that early on a weekend, plus loads of people are gone this weekend because of Break. Agh it's only two days! I get to go home for Thanksgiving at least. I can't wait because I get to take my foil home and show my best friend who is also the closest thing I have to a sister, cuz my first fencing lessons were taken with her and her mom (my other mom!)
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