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Coach Fronabarger is a funny, funny man. Learning fencing with him twice a week is an adventure. The greatest part is when he says, "I need a volunteer," and he will totally ignore anyone with weapon/hand in the air and just pick someone.

Aside from fencing, he also teaches Geology here at the College so I'm looking forward to taking that for my Science requirement! He has a rule for fencers who are in his classes: the day of a test they can fence him to get him back for it! Doesn't that just rock?

As you can see from his picture, Coach Fronabarger is the Advanced Epee coach. According to him, that is his preferred weapon. Me, I like my foil (less of the body is a target!) but it IS fun to watch those Epeeists whacking at each other's feet!

"For every attack there is a counterattack."

Holding up the nut from inside an Epee's handle while he quizzed the Advanced fencers on the parts of a weapon: "What's the Nut holding?"

"If you can fence with a French grip, you can fence with anything."

"I need a volunteer."

Coach Piccone is my official coach, being the Beginner Foil coach. His own fencing teacher was from France and he was really, really good. As you can guess, Coach Piccone is really, really good too! You should see him move on his advances and retreats, he just zips along like no other!

Of course I remember the day that he took his retreats way too fast and fell down! That was NOT good :( He just popped up again and was like, "That's an example of what you should NOT do. Take your retreats and advances slow" to make sure you get them right. He teaches us in the Classical Italian style (see the Fencing Terms & Styles page for more info).

In addition to fencing, Coach Piccone is an Egyptologist. I have him for History class next semester, yea! I can already tell that that's going to be a fun class! He's such an awesome guy. He always shakes our hands after class and thanks us! Is that cool or what?

"Control your enemy's weapon and space."

"If you don't feel like spending over $100 on fencing shoes, go buy some racquetball shoes instead."

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