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Christina and Ciara Go Medieval

"What'd you say 'bout my mama?

Take that back or I'll...I'll...mess up your feather choker! Mwahahaha

Ciara discovers that she CAN move her arm

Christina smiles pretty while Ciara readies herself to cut off her sleeve

Aw so cute

An interesting one

Spring/Summer 2001 Pics

From L to R: Katie, Me, Christina at Christina's high school graduation

Me and my awesome car "The Sting"

Miscellaneous Piccies Layin' Around the Comp

Close-up of me from my Prom picture (April 2001)

Remember this one from the second page of Ramblings? If you do, you have a good memory!

My main chica Christina and I on Mackinac Island, Michigan (June 2000)

My Aunt's Wedding (November, 2000) - a different kind of dancing!

Me at Jennifer's house lookin' pretty

Jennifer and Jeff posing after the wedding

The four girls in the back (from left to right): flower girl, me, my cousin Colleen, and my aunt Kathy

My younger brother Josh and my cousin Colleen

Colleen and I are gettin' down!

The Jacob Family women bust a move! (I'm by my little cousin Brady on the right)

I haven't a clue what ANY of us are doing in this one....

All I did all night was videotape everyone else...don't I look excited?