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The 411 on Elastics
An elastic is a piece of elastic (a bit redundant there) .5" to 1" in width that is sewn together at the ends to form a circle. Ya get elastics to keep your hardshoes from slipping and rubbing the skin off your heels. After performing clicks for a long time your elastics will inevitably split, so always buy two pairs at a time. I have pictures in my Riverdance Programmes of dancers with elastics on their shoes, so even the pros wear them!

Got a pair of elastics and don't know how to put them on?
diagrams are coming soon!

Step One
Pull the elastic over your foot and back until it's around your ankle.

Step Two
Twist the elastic.

Step Three
Pull it forward over your foot and hook it around the front of your foot. Pull it back under your foot until its resting under the arch of your foot.

Step Four
Grab the elastic that is wrapped around your ankle and pull it back HARD until you have enough to twist into a loop. Pull this down and hook it around the fiberglass heel of your shoe.

Step Five
Adjust the elastic wherever it is too tight to make it more comfortable. Only you know what's good for your feet. You don't want to cut off the circulation in your feet!!

I loved my elastics to bits - literally! I broke both my pairs and am now without them. I'm suffering for it too! My heels are a mess because the shoes slide up and down. Ick! Well I guess I'll get some calluses back there if I keep this up. Grrrrrrreeeeeeeeat! I hope this page was helpful to you in some way, shape, or form!

To Do With Hardshoes