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SNAP Application Process

To apply for SNAP Services, a student must first submit a SNAP application form and two copies of a psychoeducational assessment or medical documentation that meets the criteria required by the College of Charleston.

Students requesting accommodations based on a diagnosis of a learning disability must have a written psychoeducational assessment from a licensed psychologist. This assessment must be no older than three years, include a measure of intelligence, a measure of achievement, the scores, an interpretation of the scores, and a diagnosis based on the DSM-IV criteria. The statement of disability must be supported by the evaluation data. Terms such as "specific weaknesses," "learning differences," "learning difficulties," and "individual learning styles" do not constitute a learning disability.

Students requesting accommodations based on the diagnosis of an attention deficit must submit a report, which includes a medical, family, psychological and developmental social and educational history. We require a continuous performance test or a set of norm-referred behavior ratings from the student and from a parent, spouse, teacher, or significant other. In addition, similar or related conditions (e.g., anxiety states, depression, bipolar disorders, substance abuse) must be ruled out as the primary diagnosis. An explanation of the test results of all assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used must accompany the report. The evaluator must commit to a DSM-IV diagnosis and provide compelling evidence that this disorder significantly impacts a major life activity (learning).

If requesting alternative courses for the foreign language and/or math/logic requirement, the student must write a letter to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies stating the request for course alternatives. This letter should be submitted with the SNAP application form and the psychoeducational assessment to SNAP Services.

Please note: Students with attention deficits must have a relevant accompanying learning disability or processing deficit to qualify for alternative courses. Also, if math is considered an essential component of the student's major by the department or licensing entity of the state, alternatives to the math/logic requirement may not be used.

A letter of approval or denial will be mailed to the student in three to six weeks. If approved, the student will need to make an appointment with a SNAP advisor to identify the services available. If the request is denied, the student may appeal to the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards.

During the summer and January orientation sessions, all entering students receive information concerning SNAP Services. We expect those students with disabilities to contact SNAP Services. As a faculty member, you may refer currently enrolled students to SNAP for assistance with the SNAP application process.

Approval Guidelines for SNAP Services
  - Based on a Learning Disability
  - Based on a Physical or Psychological Disability
  - Based on an Attention Deficit Disorder

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