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Disability Policy and Procedures

On September 2, 1997, the Faculty Senate approved the Disability Policy:

The College of Charleston and the University of Charleston actively and affirmatively seek to accommodate any currently enrolled student with a certified disability.

    It is the responsibility of the student to:
  1. meet the admission requirements and maintain the academic standards of the College and University;
  2. provide adequate evidence of the disability based on established criteria (Guidelines for these criteria are listed on page 8 and in the SNAP brochure.);
  3. apply and be approved for SNAP Services;
  4. request an accommodation in a reasonable time in advance of situations for which it is necessary;
  5. properly appeal an accommodation if he or she believes the accommodation is not adequate.

    It is the responsibility of the instructor to:
  1. provide and administer appropriate accommodations;
  2. justify the proposed accommodation or the denial of an accommodation if appealed by the student;
  3. suggest alternatives or negotiate accommodations with the student and/or SNAP coordinator if the recommended accommodations are unacceptable.

    It is the responsibility of the College and University to:
  1. provide information to the faculty about types of disabilities and the availability of services;
  2. review documentation provided as evidence of disability;
  3. provide suggestions for accommodations;
  4. educate faculty and students about disabilities through teaching seminars and training opportunities;
  5. arbitrate appeals.

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