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Reasonable Accommodations in the Classroom/Appeal Process

1. Students must apply to SNAP Services, submit the required documentation of test results, and be approved for SNAP Services to be eligible for accommodation. Students who are not registered with SNAP Services but are seeking special accommodations should be immediately referred by the professor to SNAP. Students are not entitled to accommodations prior to SNAP approval. Accommodation will not be granted retroactively.

2. When a SNAP student approaches an instructor and requests accommodation, the instructor may ask the student to provide a letter from SNAP Services certifying his or her SNAP status and approved accommodations. Students should inform the instructor at least one week in advance of situations for which some accommodation is requested to ensure that the accommodations will be provided.

3. The instructor will decide (with the advice of SNAP personnel, if requested) what accommodation will be made available. If the student objects to the accommodation, the decision may be appealed. Appeals are initially handled by SNAP personnel. If an agreement cannot be reached within two working days, the case will be expeditiously referred to the Academic Standards Committee for further review.

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