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I like to affectionately call this page "buckling your buckles" even though you don't actually buckle anything but your ankle strap! :) I'll just call it that anyway. The drawings on this page were done by my own hand (yes I know they're bad but I did my best!) They're there to help you out, anyway. I hope this page can help you! I've had many emails telling me that it has. Let me know if it helps you!

Shamrock Buckles
Step 1: Unlace your hardshoes to the second holes. (Illustration below)

Step 2: Bring the laces up to their corresponding holes in the back of the buckles (left lace in the left hole, right in the right hole.) String the lace through the FRONT of the hole first so it's coming out at you. Then wrap the lace on the side around the leaf of the shammy as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Bring the laces straight down through the holes in the hardshoes (left on left, right on right.) Don't cross them. Cross them inside the shoe and bring the laces out in the last hole.

Square Buckles
If you have square buckles the concept is basically the same. Unlace to the second holes of your hardshoes. Now insert your laces into the holes of the black leather attached to the buckle through the front TOWARD you. Then you just pull them through but make you you wrap the lace around the TOP of the square (see shamrock diagram). Then bring the laces straight down into the lace hole, cross them inside, and pull them out the top two holes.

Now you're done! When you put on your hardshoes, lace them tight. You may need to pull on one lace more than another sometimes to straighten the buckle (you'll figure this out once you get them on; it's really easy.) I really love buckles on my hardshoes and think that no hardshoes should be without them! :) Happy buckling!

To Do With Hardshoes