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What?! Ciara went to a feis? (Cincinnati: June 1999)

Both Jess's posing together (I'm hiding the sprained ankle in this picture! LOL)

Lookin' dazed and confused

Nice hair!

WHY did I keep looking to the left?? What was over there?

You can tell I loved that slip jig!

St. Paddy's Day 2001 at My High School

Which way do we go again?

"Peppy Nightingale" and I go over the basics

I may look calm in this picture but that jig was super fast!!

Me and my Susato whistle wowin' the crowd

Check out this slip jig!

(Bethie didn't use the flash on any of these pictures but I am sooo grateful to her for snappin' them! You my babes Bethie!)

MORE St. Paddy's Day 2001!

Me and My "Boys" Brian and Rashad going over the Hop-2-3's

Well, Heather looks like she's having fun!

Heather and Brian listening attentively to an explanation of Irish language and music

Me 'splaining the language and music

Sitting and playing tin whistle is so much fun

Way up on those toes for slip jig! (and Shelley's like "NO WAY!")

A very dorky picture of me doing double jig

Don't know what dance this is, but look at that facial expression! What a dork!

A Double Jig in My Room

Oops! I looked down at my feet

Just startin' the dance

Psst! Kindly ignore the flapping arm!

I love this pic! Just about to click! Whahoo!